Mr Bean entered the Philippines market as a sit-down café concept store so as to cater to different consumer preference.Since then, we have served the market with a refreshing range of soya specialties, being the one-stop shop for everything soya.

Why Mr Bean… Our products are made with soya milk made fresh daily with Non-GMO soya beans from our contracted farm in North America.Customers can be assured of the highest quality in our products!

Our best seller, Chilled Taho (cold beancurd), received stamps of approval from our regular customers. It is ‘smoother, silkier and creamier than the usual’, they said.The soya beverages and pancakes are also of different quality as what they were used to.

Looking for something different?For a truly refreshing and unique soya experience, Mr Bean is the place to go.The cool alternative to your usual beverage options.

Metro Manila

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