Perks you up for a great day ahead with Mr Bean's Viet Coffee and Milk tea ! 
Soya Viet Coffee
Rich, deep-roasted coffee with a combination of Mr Bean's soya milk
giving you an unique and mystique flavour!                             
Soya Milk Tea
Delicious, smooth and almost creamy aroma of malty flavour blend with Mr Bean's hot soya that definitely wake up your senses! 

Available in hot and cold version at all stores.
For Cold version, top up Grass Jelly / Pearls for Chilled enjoyment at its best!

Soya Chiffon Cake

Be enticed with this delectable soft and moist soya chiffon that's bound to please every palate.

Baked with freshly brewed soya milk!

 A definite must-try!                                              

Available at selected Mr Bean stores. Click here. Limited period only. While stocks last. 

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Our Soya Products Just Taste Better
By Albert Tan, Logistics & Technical Director,
Super Bean International Pte Ltd

Since 1995, we have been partnering with one of the most reputable North America soya bean farm in developing the Mr Bean Premium (Grade 1, High in Protein), Non Genetically Modified and Identity Preserved (IP) soya bean.

It is important to ensure that our soya beans are Identity Preserved ones. IP soya beans have specific physical and content characteristics, which we researched to produce top grade soya milk and products. Former includes weight, size and color of seed, while latter contains high oleic, high sucrose, low saturate fat and high protein.

Our soya bean grower is constantly adopting new technologies, embracing new techniques and perfecting them on his 4,700 acre farm. Their customized production and processing along with their service-minded thinking ensure a consistent, safe and reliable supply of premium soya beans.     

Every shipment of Mr Bean soya beans is accompanied with a certificate of analysis from the farm. These soya beans are physically inspected and tested in accordance to a set of stringent standard operation procedures in our central kitchen prior to delivery for production. In our respective outlets, supervisors are tasked to do a final quality check in the morning before the first sales transaction is conducted. 

In Mr Bean, the quality of our soya bean is never compromised, despite the ever increasing cost for raw materials. The Mr Bean team stays true to our brand promise in delivering life’s simple pleasures through our premium quality food and beverage.

Now you know why our soya products just taste better.



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